Manuel Correia

Manuel Correia began his career as a photographer in 1986. His work has inspired in Heritage, Art, Popular Culture and its own history, ranging between the personal and collective memory. In the last ten years dedicated its business to conceptual projects, which resulted in several publications and exhibitions in an almost documentary procedure of sacred art, cultural and artistic heritage. In your career also worked the visual narrative of travel photography in the various expeditions to Africa, Asia and South America, which rise to individual and collective exhibitions and the production of a set of articles published monthly in Relance magazine, for approximately two years. In the most recent productions, landscapes, characters and situations take on the visual record nomad imagination. The approach to disparate geographies, nations and distant cultures, makes your job a construction stories, visual and aesthetic narrative far beyond the travel photography.

Since 2008 collaborates with researchers and curators of museums, developing projects dedicated to art and contemporary photography. He joined in 2012 to the project Year of Portugal in Brazil with the Sangue e Água exhibition at the Museum Afro Brazil, in São Paulo. Develops three years ago a photographic project on the traditional power (Kings and Sobas) in Angola, which will be presented initially in São Paulo, Afro-Brazil Museum, in September 2016.

In addition to the artwork, it has partnerships with several institutions and companies with which explores photography in the field of corporate identity and advertising. These works highlights: Tecnologia com Arte – Universidade do Minho; Grand’Arte – A fusão de dois prazeres; A Louça Preta de Basilhães, Vila Real; Vista Alegre – A arte na porcelana.

Among the main personal projects and publications developed include: Modos de Vida (2009), Recepção e Expedição (2010), Sangue e Água (2011), Distant Song (2014), Kilimanjaro and Porters (2015).

His photos appear in many private and institutional collections, nationally and internationally.